All Natural Aromatherapy Pillows
Use for Hot & Cold Therapies

Hand embroidered pillow | Flax seeds & organic herbs | Kids Calming Sleeping Buddy

Filled with Flax seeds, Lavender buds, Chamomile and Lemon Balm.
Lavender Buds: Soothing, relaxing and eases headaches.
Chamomile: Calming, relaxing, and said to keep bad dreams away
Lemon Balm: Relieves stress, anxious and nervous feelings, insomnia, stress, and headaches.

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Materials used: 100% cotton, flax seeds, lavender buds, chamomile flowers, lemon balm.
Approximate Measurements: 8″ W x 5″ H x 1.5″ Thick

For Heat Therapy:
Put the warming bag into the microwave and place a 1/2 cup of water in a cup beside it.  Heat for 30 seconds to one minute on high.  Take the bag out and “shake” to distribute any hot spots.  Warm another 20 to 30 seconds until desired temperature.

For Cold Therapy:
Place the bag in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer for about two hours.  Take the bag out and “shake” to distribute the cold spots.

Why Flax seeds?
Flax seeds provide a gentle, moist heat which promotes healing.
The weight of flax seeds is gentle and comforting.
Flax seeds are flower seeds, rather than grain. Thus they contain 30-40% oil which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again. Other products loose their ability to retain heat as the water cooks out of them over time.
When heated, flax seed pillows retain half their heat after an hour. Under covers (think about those toes …) the pillow will still be warm hours later.
Flax never has that “cooked grain” smell other grain based products have when heated over and over again.
Flaxseed pillows can also be chilled in the freezer to sooth fevers or slight inflammations, though they don’t get cold enough to provide the numbness needed for things like sprains and back injuries.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 15.2 × 2 cm

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